Aeria Gloris


"Inner Universe" by Origa / Shanti Snyder / Yoko Kanno is a beautiful song.

With lyrics in Russian and English, the song is about longing, nothingness, love, and an incredible sense of motion within.

The most repeated phrase in this song is 'Aeria Gloris', which means 'heavenly glory' in Latin.

How did I stumble upon this song? I'm an anime fan.
(Anime is Japanese style animation.)

One of my favorite anime series is "Ghost in the Shell". This series features a very detailed world with deep and developed characters. The story moves on several fronts at once: philosophical, political, technological.

The main focus is, in my terms: polarity integration. Integration of flesh and machine, consciousness and body - ghost and shell.

The series maintains a delicate balance of identity in every aspect.

My favorite scene is not directly part of series, but part of the intro to the series - the intro while "Inner Universe" is playing:

The main character, an adult woman with a fully cyborgized body, has a restless sleep. She dreams about a deciding moment of her childhood:

Due to an accident, she has been recently cyborgized. (All of her flesh, except for her brain, has been replaced by technological counterparts.)

It's a beautiful morning, and she is holding her favorite doll in her cyborg hands.

But, she can't control her body well... Her fist clenches, and she crushes her favorite doll. The woman wakes from her restless sleep with an out-stretched hand; a sense of longing.

This event leads the child to become the woman she is today: an epitome of balance, precision and delicacy - a goddess in one form or another.

Aeria Gloris... Aeria Gloris...

Here's one interesting thing about heavenly glory:

Aeria Gloris doesn't exist by itself.

Aeria Gloris exists only as a descending motion, revealed to its ascending counterpart.



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