Am I Writing For The Greater Good Of Humanity?


Contributing to the greater good of humanity cannot be achieved by doing.

Contributing to the greater good of humanity can only be achieved by being.

The doing aspect and the being aspect influence each other. Thus, contributing to the greater good for humanity by doing is possible indirectly through being.

My contribution - everyone's contribution! - is by being through Oneness.

On wide scale this 'being' is perceivable as the 100th monkey (human) effect. We influence each other, we change each other, we create, we Love.

Oneness expresses itself as the multiverse we are and live in.

Being as described above is not affected by our perception of time as linear and limited.

Doing, however, is.

Mechanical actions detached from being have no purpose (are impossible even), and cannot contribute to anything.

So, am I writing for the greater good of humanity?

By writing, as doing, I do not contribute for the greater good of humanity.

But, during the process of writing, I think and change who I am. Through my being, my radiance/flow/change/whatever through All, I contribute to the greater good of All.

(Just what constitutes 'greater good' is decided by me. Most of the time I decide that just being able to make such a decision is 'greater good' by itself.)

By continuing this line of thought, we can come to the conclusion that I don't actually have to 'do' anything for the greater good of All.


None of us 'do'.

(When 'being' flows clearly through 'doing', interesting things happen.)

So why am I actually writing down anything? Simple reasons.

To make money (exchange my 'doing' for your 'doing'). To have fun. To grow self.

(To help clarify my thoughts/being using a structure of external reinforcement created through the process of writing and discarded/integrated somewhat later.)

Why not do something else? At the moment, it's more entertaining and efficient to me than doing something else.

When my priorities change, I do something else.

For example, such a priority change happens... about... now.

Cya again through the next writing!


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