Apocalypse makes sense from the perspective of duality:
It is the only way to end duality through duality.

I'm talking about apocalypse as a result of some great battle between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil - the final clash of Heaven and Hell to end the tension/conflict once and for all; to achieve peace and recognize Unity.

(Ultimately, they already recognize their Unity - it's just our polarized view to see things this way. The World just IS and we create our Heavens/Hells/World/Being.)

One can take a look around today's world and say: "There is more Chaos (Evil) in the world today - the end of the world must be coming!"

This perspective is very ineffective, as it leaves an individual very little choice:

It leaves powerless: I could pray to God or make a pact with the Devil. (Except for "ignorance is bliss", those are the only choices.) Either way, the prospect of apocalypse would still remain, even more inevitable than before.

It is the very concept of Duality that creates a reality where Apocalypse is more probable; an extremely polarized tension breaks things apart.

The greater the pull-apart, the greater the push-together.

When looking from afar with distorted lenses, the other side is the 'enemy'.

From one side of the polarized view, when the push-together comes, such a (Self)force/power can be overwhelming indeed.

When a force isn't uselessly judged/condemned/categorized as good or evil, then it simply is another part, another aspect, another expression of the All - Loved and Balanced as self/Self.

If you accept Chaos (as well as Order), there is no external harm that can befall you - only Choice is.

'Chaotic agents' can indeed be released into a mass conscious, but only an extremely dualized 'self-view' of the mass conscious would permit slavery/destruction/fear/separation in extreme forms as a result.

A balanced mass/entity would grow more powerful.

Let's explore the premise that there's an influx of 'chaotic' energy upon our world/awareness:

Is it because some powerful malevolent entities want our destruction?

Or is it because this world desires greater freedom, greater power within self, greater ability to Balance, greater Love - and thus greater challenges; a greater manifestation of separation/fear waiting to be integrated?
These are simple waypoints, saying: "The way to there leads through here."

Do you think it is the first or the second option that creates the influx of 'chaotic' energy upon our world/awareness?

Every day is judgement day!
Each moment it is judged (decided) what continues and what does not.

I find it very unlikely that physical apocalypse would occur because God has developed and applied a concept of revenge and condemnation.

'God's wrath' is actually not 'wrath' (condemnation), but just a forceful energy type.

It is a way of saying:
"Okay, I don't want to do this anymore. Let's do something else."
"Okay, I am not (exclusively) this anymore. Let's be something else."

A little block of 'self' stuck in separation may mistake Love and Choice for condemnation; afterall, it hasn't seen plenty of Love and Choice but it has seen plenty of condemnation and denial, and in view of this such a polarized way of looking at things doesn't come as a surprise.

Do you like to believe in an external wrathful and vengeful god who is now bored of our sinful ways? A god who demands fear because he himself is afraid of greater Gods?

Take a look at what such a view offers and take a look at what you truly want.
Then take a look at the relation between these two.

Is such view a useful tool to achieve what you want and to be who you want to be?

Yes? Use it.
No? Don't use it.

(Optionally, transmute it! Integrate it into something you can use!)

"A creature who has spent his life creating one particular representation of his selfdom will die rather than become the antithesis of that representation."
(Scytale, "Dune Messiah " by Frank Herbert)

Do we require an apocalypse on global level to integrate the thesis-antithesis problem? I hope not. I would much rather have a bunch of mini-apocalypses within each individual to resolve the 'good'/'evil' polarity.

There are thresholds of just how much duality a form can take.

No wonder some people in religious sects (which believe the apocalypse is inevitable) commit suicide. Hey, if I thought that God and his angels are angry at me, that the apocalypse is coming for sure and that I'm infinitely powerless before the infinite power of God or Devil, I would either change my views on this or commit suicide as well.

It is logical to rather die than live in a world that doesn't permit self-expression. (Actually, that is a paradox.)

There is discrepancy between Being and such mental state; taking it to the extreme inevitably results in the death of these views. In extreme, these views lead the physical self to death as well just to bring an end to this polarized paradox.

Physical matter, as we know it, has its antithesis: anti-matter.
Light, on the other hand, is its own antithesis.

We, as self-defining beings of awareness, have that ability as well:
We are able to Balance!

In conclusion:

I don't find exclusive duality to be an efficient basis for a reality; exclusive polarized views have zero useability at a core level. I prefer to see this world operating on a different basis:

Choice of one thing doesn't have to be the negation of another.


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