Astrology - Why It Works And Why It Does Not


Astrology, the study of the impact of stars on human affairs.

It's a pity that astrology doesn't actually study anything outside our solar system. One star and a couple of planets (astronomers are debating what constitutes a planet, so we might have a few more or less than we are used to) are hardly the multiverse, but there is still plenty of information to go around.

A competent seer can apply the concept of oneness, observe the dynamics of any system (chicken bones, planets, or oneself) and inter- or extrapolate from there.

So it does work - if the astrologer groks the situation well.

It doesn't work however when you observe a very vague dynamic and claim it is accurate on a personal level. 12 boxes for billions of people? Stereotyping doesn't work.

Contrary to popular belief, the stars do not determine one's destiny.

Everything is connected to everything; everything affects everything.

Therefore, it is true that the stars affect people; however, this is not a one way connection! People affect the stars too.

The next time you think your destiny is determined by the stars, think of this: the destiny of the universe is determined by your heart.

Everything moves, breathes, lives, Loves, IS as One.


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