Avatars are simply selves with clearer connection to their Selves.

You too are an Avatar of Yourself.

Who you are; that is left for you to answer.

To clarify what an Avatar is, consider the following view:

There is God who is All.
There gods who are mighty beings within their realm.
And, there a human beings.

This categorization may seem accurate, but the transition from one to the other flows easily.

Gods can be Avatars of the All, humans can be Avatars of gods, and even though it seems strange, the All can be an Avatar of human beings.

Do we create our gods or do the gods create us?
Are we the gods or are the gods us?


Consciousness is All and it is a very flexible material. It can create limitless beautiful forms and relations.

We can be Avatars of all we find beautiful; we can BE all we find beautiful.

We become Avatars through unconditional Love.

The holographic principle says the Whole can be a part and a part can be the Whole.

Use it!