Bring Back The Magic!


The collective consciousness of humanity is like gray goo smeared over the soulsphere of Gaia.

We have something sacred, and we have learned to continuously defile it.

We have learned to see the colorful world through a gray filter.

We're blind in our knowledge; blind in our ignorance.

The beauty of the world flows outside of our awareness instead of through our awareness.

We create secluded realities, cubicled existences.

Our gravest error: we think the world is fragmented.

We fade away in our search for security; for only by closing our hearts and minds can we ignore the world.

There is no running away from fear!
Face it!

Lose the importance of the secluded self.

Feel the awe of the moment!

"What will happen next?" should be a joyful thought, not a fearful one.

Let your eyes shine both at the worlds outside and inside!

Bring back the magic!


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