Collective Consciousness


Humanity doesn't have collective consciousness: all we have is collective UNconsciousness.

And we don't know what to do with it.

We have learned to access some aspects of collective consciousness, and unfortunately, the abuses are more frequent and more easily visible than the uses.

Who has developed access?

Corporations, politicians, marketers, churches, bloated governments.

If you look, you can observe how nicely they exploit particular aspects of collective unconsciousness.

Think profit, think short term, think control.

I think the most fitting representation of humanity's collective consciousness at this time is SPAM. Yes, the very same spam that fills your inbox.

Attention is precious. You invoke into reality by paying attention.

If you control attention, you control reality.

Choose carefully where you direct you attention. Choose carefully where you direct attention of others.

The only way to prevent abuse is to raise our consciousness: let collective unconsciousness become collective consciousness.

Your attention is your energy; observe where your attention flows.

Re-form the flow of attention - choose a healthy form, worthy of you and your collective.

Spam disappears as soon it is ineffective.


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