Content Is King


Everyone agrees that content is king, but what exactly constitutes good content? The webmaster who figures it out is a successful one.

It is essential to recognize that all content is a form of communication, and the quality of content depends not only on what is communicated and how, but also on whom it is communicated to.

A webmaster that creates written content is directly engaged in a one-way communication with his or her audience, but even the webmaster who maintains a forum meta-communicates by providing the context and backbone of other communications.

Content is created on many levels:

  • Letters form meaningful words.
  • Words form meaningful sentences.
  • Sentences form meaningful written content.
  • Pixels form images to enhance comprehension beyond the linear.
  • Page layout eases the absorption of information.
  • Site layout enables to clarify the flow of awareness.
  • Advertisements and resources connect and sustain.

Attention to minute details and the successful integration of these details into a unified whole so as to provide the clearest and most rewarding communication results in a 'grok' experience for the visitor.

While from the webmaster's low-level perspective content and layout should be separated, from the visitor's high-level perspective content and layout should be integrated. Thus, a good webmaster learns to destroy and rebuild content so as to achieve a greater clarity of flow of awareness.

When the layout, sales pitch, or advertisement become extensions of the actual content (or even interchangeable with it), a fine balance is achieved.

Content is not a static thing; it changes with whoever observes it. Less is more - a visitor's time is precious. Greater contrast can provide greater focus on what is important for the respected visitor.

The webmaster's job is not the creation and management of webpages, but the guiding and management of awareness. Let me repeat it one more time because I think it's important: The webmaster's job is to guide awareness!

If you weave the attention of others with respect and in a way as to fulfill their needs, you have created content that is king.


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