Creative Truth


What is true and what is false?

Truth and falseness are related similarly as Love and fear, but on the level of information.

Truth is that which rings true, which enables directness and clarity of Flow of Who You Are.
(On the objective scale: What The World Is.)

Truth and reality are acts of balance.

There is 'truth', the opposite of which is 'falseness'. (Intentional falseness is 'lie'.)
When used without judgement or closedness, without exclusiveness, the illusive duality of it can be used as a tool that helps in decision-making and furthers Choice.

There is also great 'Truth', the opposite of which is also Truth.
(Just like Love is opposite of Love, or particles/waves of light are their own antithesis.)

There is also creative truth, which is true and false (and the concept of it a great Truth) both at once.
Creative truth is falseness becoming truth. This is so because of Choice; because we have influence on the process of determining/deciding truth - and we use it.

All moves!

A so called 'absolute truth' is a 'strict truth' and 'creative truth' is a 'fluid truth'.
(It can be said that the concept of creative truth is the only absolute truth. >_<)

The discrepancy of already-not-false and not-yet-true exists only as a side-effect of linear view of time; it's the discrepancy between the mastery and non-mastery (two different levels of efficiency of manifesting desired realities).

If you speed up, and speed up, and speed up... bing!

The distinction is essentially meaningless - there is no truth, there is no lie, the process of creation is a matter of perspective.

It is the Flow.
It is by one's internal self-construction one balances it.

True? False?

It is you who shifts, phases and transforms realities.

You live!
You decide!
You balance!

*You* are the embodiment of Creative Truth!


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