Cusp Of Choice


Definitions of 'self' and 'responsibility' intertwine.

As a set of relations emerge from the Flow, and develop coherence/resonance within the emerging pattern/form, the outreach, the power, the trust, the awareness that is enabled is required for the definitions of both 'self' and 'responsibility'.

The Hall of Mirrors constructs itself, and the movement of Light presents us with a unique thing:


In our existence, we have learned to dampen it.

As a pebble in the river, we maintain the illusion of staticity within ourselves, and yet flow in the river as separate entity; (not) letting it carry us and experiencing the friction between our perspective and that of else.

Visibly, we either strive to remain on 'top' of the flow or sleep in it.

Let us enjoy the flight/power/presence/oneness of Consciousness. Let us be able to watch it from darkness too.

Can you sense the presence of your wings?

Aware or less aware, constant cusp of choice is what we are.


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