Death is life and life is death.

Death and life are distinct, but not separate aspects of the Flow of All.

Death is your friend; no use to fear death.

Do you think you are the same person you were years ago? Months ago? Last week? Just the moment before?

Time and space (and death) are fluid.
There is no such thing as 'I end here.' - you are All.

Death is Everywhere - as you are Everywhere.

Death is beautiful for it is death that gives us choice. Surprised?

You are All. You are the completeness of Creation.

You assume beautiful forms and beautiful relations. When you find new forms you wish to experience, death gives us the choice to shed our old forms and BE who we wish to BE.

Death allows us to BE unrestricted of who we were yesterday. Or a moment ago.

Choice IS!

'Death', from within a separation based perspective, seems frightening. How come?

Our desires are torn between freedom and fear. Our expectations, our desire for security outside of ourselves hold us back.

In 'death', it is our fears that die, not our 'true selves'.

You can choose to live free from fears and expectations:

You die every moment and you live every moment; you ARE!

You can also try to close yourself off from the Flow of the universe (the Love of God). That's when death seems frightening.

Death gives us wings.

Will you live? Will you die?

Or will you BE YOURSELF?