Death Of Understanding


How many things can we be conscious about?

The capabilities of our brains are finite.

Our physical bodies are finite.

While the consciousness of our selves is not finite, many-many things are retired to the background so that the foreground (the self) gets to be visible.

We are conscious on many (different) levels. Our thoughts and feelings are not linear either.

Not chaos, but not order either. Something between.

A form/structure of balance.

Understanding functions on the mental level. It highlights key thoughts and concepts and operates with them. Yet, there are only so many things you can highlight before the contrast is lost.

How to fit in more things to be conscious about? What can you do when your being/consciousness is so big that it is beyond understanding?

How can finite consciousness deal with infinite consciousness?

Finite consciousness has one tool: abstraction.

Instead of stopping down the flow of consciousness to understand and analyze, we can ditch understanding itself.

Or, from the other point of view, we can use abstraction to smooth the granularity of understanding and ease it into the greater flow of consciousness.

The mental process of understanding too has to contemplate its death to maintain its usefulness.

The logical mind needs logic to show it when to turn itself off.


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