We are used to three spatial dimensions. We have a definite bodily location; we can easily imagine movement in this three-dimensional space.

We often make use of a fourth dimension, time, although our sense of time is often distorted and the structure of time-sense self-imposed.

Just what is a dimension?

One definition would be:
"A dimension is a way to sequence infinity."

To understand this definition, we have to understand 'infinity'. How can we do that?

Our understanding is often impaired by our implicit sense of the 3+1 dimensions. To understand infinity, we have to desequence our implicit perceptions/perspectives of the 3+1 dimensions.

Another way to name 'infinity' would be 'God' or 'potential'.

From 'potential', relations can be created through itself.

A *lot* of relations can be created.

When there are so many relations, it may make sense to sort some of them somehow.

If we figure out a neat way to sort infinite relations, we made a continuous 'line' of relations - we made a dimension.

Since there are infinite number of ways to make dimensions; there are infinite number of dimensions.

Does it make sense to talk about them at all if there are an infinite number of them?

Well, it doesn't make much sense, but it can be fun - as our reality proves. :o)

Here are some exercises you can do with dimensions:

Dismantle the 3+1 dimensions. Recreate the 3+1 dimensions. Create a different set of dimensions. Create a set with a greater or lesser number of dimensions. Or, try to add a few more dimensions to our reality.

How does multidimensional life feel like?

Go to the place where relations can be molded into dimensions or un-molded back to potential.

What will you create? Tell me.


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