How To Hack Souls


SoulHacking is an act of Self-preservation.

A self is dynamic.

Preserving self at any level results in staticity - death.

Yet, there has to be an illusion of persistentcy to achieve form and structure.

Therefore, construction of self/Self requires balance and self-answerability.

Out of fear, many in this world are overly concerned with self-preservation at the detriment of Self-preservation.

This is like cutting up a chunk of Oneness and exclaiming "This is mine and mine alone!"

When everybody does this, the world becomes a lonely and fragmented place.

Hence the idea of SoulHacking.

A careful, joyful and choiceful construction of self is of utmost importance and requires access to Oneness.

The notion that the world around self is not-self, is quite dangerous and leads to a lot of problems (like anxiety and feelings of rejection).

The idea of ownership permeates our society.

People ARE, but they do not have ownership over their selves.

Integrity and ownership are two distinct concepts. While this is easy to understand intellectually, it may not be easy to comprehend emotionally.

The idea that you may use/integrate the selves of others into yourself is SoulHacking.

In return, you must recognize that your self is not your own.

How to hack souls? Recognize yourself in them. Declare yourself as them. Love them as yourself.

Develop the aspects, motions, etc. you like as your own. This creates a motion of fluidity.

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Hack yourself access to Yourself.


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