Openness, the ability to let go of your fears is crucial.

Get rid of your fears; wash them off, transmute them.

Place yourself in the flow of acceptance. Let the Flow clean you.

Old energies flow away, new energies flow in, then the new energies flow away. Watch them go past you. Observe new ones coming unto you, and observe them leave.

Feel. Observe. Be.

You are ready to accept that yourself is not the only thing you are.

Some energies are light; some energies are dark. Some energies are beautiful in their simplicity, others are beautiful in their convolutedness - yet, all is transparent.

There are many forms and manifestations of Beauty; yet Beauty IS - ever present and undeniable.

The 'you' is gone. Washed away. Washed clean.

You will see that it isn't 'you' placed in the flow of acceptance, but it is the Flow whose attention is holographically folded at a part of itself.

A new 'you' is born.

It is flexible and ever present - beautiful in its PRESENCE.

You are the purity of Love!

From here, the concept of intuition is simple:

Intuition is the in-flow interaction of the focus of 'you' and the rest of 'You'.
On the mental level, this is most often called "imagination".

The secret:

When you are more open, in the Flow; when you ARE - the things that come to you more easily, the things that are more easier to imagine:
These things are more real, more 'true'.

I'll use healing (of a person) as an example, but it can be used for *anything*, really.

Imagine a person you know, think of that person with your mind and accept her into your Being.

What is your impression, what is *your* state of Being through that person?
That is the reality of the moment.

Can you Flow through that person? Yes? No?

Notice the points in her body, in her soul, in her Being where the Flow is obstructed.

If the in-flow of the interaction is intuition, the out-flow of the interaction is creation.

In this case, creation manifests as the healing process:

When the points of obstruction are located - they are not obstructions anymore; they are beautiful, flowing parts of the Flow.



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