It's Time For Jesus To Die


To whom it may concern:

What's the obsession with Jesus? Give your savior a rest.

For almost two thousand years, Jesus is continuously being nailed to a cross.

I haven't seen a zombie more real and more fake than what you are doing to Jesus:

Instead of carrying your own cross, you keep piling them on Jesus. He's being nailed to each of those crosses.

I'm sure as hell I wouldn't like to have the intestines of my soul dragged out all over the ether like that.

(What you do to God does not differ much. However, at least you allow God to be almighty and move in mysterious ways. Jesus you force to be weak.)

You know what? It hurts him.

And it doesn't hurt him because he minds a few more nails in his body or because he feels crushed under the burden.

It hurts him because he sees you become weaker. It hurts him because you fail to transmute your burden into a song of Love praising God.

He simply accepts your cross and gives you a sad smile in exchange.

Stop looking outside, people! Assume some responsibility!

It's time for Jesus to die.

Get him down from the cross and spear through his heart with your Love. Let him rest.

Let the savior die, and a friend emerge.

Greet him... as an equal.


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