Languages can be likened to maps; overlays above collective consciousness which influence it and shape it greatly.

Early on in our lives our thought processes are modified by our mother language and are often locked into that form.

In turn, collective consciousness modified in such way influences the collective culture, which in turn influences our feel and sense of (collective) reality.

To unlearn our thought processes being locked into a shape usually requires quite some practice, as it is 'outside' of consensus reality.

But what is wrong with our thought processes being locked into a predetermined form? Nothing wrong, but there are some consequences:

On the personal level, it lessens the flexibility of the mind. Lesser flexibility limits awareness limits possibilities limits available choices. I prefer more choices as opposed to less choices - but that can be only a matter of preference.

On the global level, it produces the problem of 'nationality'. Although 'religion' is first on the list of being responsible for most people killed, 'nationality' isn't that far either:

If people are locked into different patterns, then it is hard to understand the other group, and if it is hard to understand, it is hard to be tolerant. (And if it is hard to be tolerant, it's hard to be Loving.)

Break out the lock!

There are two things you can do:

1. Meditate to experience thoughts without language.
2. Learn other languages, so your thoughts can assume different shapes.

Both of meditation and learning other languages have substantial and empowering side effects.

If the thought of learning another language intimidates you, I can recommend audio lessons (tapes, CDs); you'll speak another language and embrace a different culture before you know it. It's maximally efficient with minimum effort.

Observe how reality changes.


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