Localpatriots? - Traversing realities


Here's a short answer on how to travel/shift realities:
Accept that reality.

Basically I don't believe in having no choice, or things beyond my control (unless I want to).
My perception/model/thoughtform/connection is something along these lines:

All IS.
All is One.

(Words are not important, try to get the feeling of what I want to say. Say the above sentences to yourself, one at a time, and let the
feelings/experiences/energies come to you.)

Now, this primary perception allows the following: Everything is possible!

And this means two realities are possible, a myriad of realities are possible, separate or interlinked, and it is also possible that these realities are not separate at all while retaining their separateness!
Connection, relation, detailedness, perspective.

So the point is, these realities are a part of Yourself, and as such, you may choose how you shall look upon them.

You can give some realities more focus, more 'realness', while you can also push others from the realms of 'realness' to the realms of possibility, and perhaps even to the realms of impossibility (although I would not advise that last one, because it would probably just lessen your awareness).

This is the key to traveling multiple realities; what is more closely 'you', and what is not so 'you'.

YOU change YOURSELF according to YOUR desires.
Be flexible. Be fearless. LOVE!

If you choose to explore this concept, here are some keywords which may help you visualize and absorb:
Nodes of consciousness, nodes of relations, frequencies of Self, VARIETY, (color/smell/sound/form/beauty/else): Presence.

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