love and light


I will talk about things which, in my experience, lightworkers and people in general tend to ignore or be hostile towards.

Use or discard the information, at will.

Many think that a lightworker is a lightworker because of choosing light over the dark, and the way to deal with the dark is to reject it, ignore it or kill it with light.

Such attitude is fear/duality based, and as such it's not good for anything except to give the person a feeling of doing something important.

As an example for this, let's take a look at the concept of sending love and light, which some consider as a primary tool for a lightworker.

If one has indeed a feeling of sending love to another person (at not just using it as a phrase), it is not a very powerful or Loving expression of Love.


To send love implies that the sender and receiver are separate, and it enforces this perspective.
(I am here, you are there, I have love, I give the love to you.)
This can be seen as a transfer of energy at best.

You can LOVE, but you cannot 'send' Love.

Love IS. It is that which you ARE. Love is that which unifies.

Love is a state of being in which you allow yourself to accept all the previously other person IS.

Please read the above sentence again carefully!
It is not the love that goes from you to the other person, it is *you* that goes from you to the other person, and this state of *being One* is called Love.

In the presence of Love, the illusion of separation is just that, an
illusion (if present at all).

I hope you see why all this love and light can be frustrating at times, it's just simply because the way they are used are rarely in accord with the meaning of the words, and because of that, the words can lose their true meaning in some contexts.

The Loving way to deal with the things you fear, the dark, is not by
rejecting, ignoring or killing it with light.
I find this to be a huge stepping point for most people, even though the words are simple:

You don't send love at it, you LOVE it, you BECOME it!

Yes, even the most disgusting, the most unfair, the most hating and the most evil.
Stop that thought!

Breathe deeply.

You are gaining a sense of balance, probably a new sense of balance, strenghtening and empowering you, reaching complete fearlessness.

Your breath is CLEAR, as it reaches into all facets of Creation!

Do you understand now what LOVE means?


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