Pitch Black


Let's say ordinary consciousness is like the circumference of a circle (or the outline of a multidimensional globe).

Spreading/radiating outward from this circle is White; no fear, radiance and Love of All that is beyond. Expansion. 'Ascension'.
By not fearing, by Loving all that is external: those things cease to be external.
Separation is not - Oneness is.

Venturing inward from this circle is Black. The Center of the circle is Pitch Black.
By not fearing, by Loving all that is internal: those things cease to be internal.
Separation is not - Oneness is.

Getting stuck in either polarity manifests imbalance:

Being stuck in the light polarity produces the give-give-give problem. That which you were (the circle) is burned up and lost in infinity to others, always to others.
The circle expands even more and is lost in infinity. You are so light that you are nothing that is: you are not. You are in constant 'ascension'; you are constantly escaping yourself. (The Dark polarity is not necessarily condemned, but something worse: it is continuously forgotten.)

Being stuck in the dark polarity produces the take-take-take problem. Energy always flows in; nothing goes out. You get fat. You are inflated, you get blown out of proportion. You devour/destroy all: including self.

Let's see the practical use of this view.

Let's take normal, not too powerful consciousness with a tendency towards ill-being as a starting point.

This is the state when I feel lost or too stuck in a particular mindset/framework, when I'm whacked out of balance, when I'm enclosed by a fears I can't really see/identify, when I feel powerless, when I'm inclined towards hurry or nervousness.

This 'normalness' is the starting point we are dissatisfied with:
It is changed by Choice.

Usually I do it something like this:

First, I slow myself down from hurry.
I relax the nervousness.

Then, I hunt down the things I 'must' do. 'Musts' are like thick, enclosing veils on my awareness.
I realize that I also may not do them.

All 'musts' are gone, gone into the Flow.

I'm partially restored: I now know what I *do not* want to do, who I do not want to be.

I trace the 'cannot's, the leftover fears. All outward shady or dirty areas are illuminated by me. Anyone denying possibilities to me is an impossibility. Multi-leveledness (structure of multi-dimensionality, multi-experience) is possible.

I'm now the Light part of the Star; the circle/multi-dimensional globe and the outward motion; all the concentric circles/rays moving/flowing/radiating outward.

Now comes self-balance, the act of self-creation, self-determination.

A central question is asked:

What do I truly want to do?
Who do I truly want to be?

Fearlessness allows for Everything, and Choice is.

The half-star reaches the Center, and shines from the Center.

The motion of inward movement/acceptance and the absolution thereof is Black. Black flows through Being and Black is all there is.

The center is Pitch Black. It is the soothing presence of Self-assuredness.

As White is a connection between two things, Black is also a connection between two things.

Nothing - Everything.
Destruction - Creation.

White creates All, Black destroys All.

The Flow of Breath IS.
Unity IS.


Light has white rays and Light has black rays. Light is all colors and none.
Oneness is.

Who are you? What are you? What do you do?

When I balance thus, I find these questions to be good answers.

The Black aspect constitutes the backbone.

The Pitch Black is the Core you can radiate outwards.

When you are able to reach the Core and reach All; you have established ultimate Balance; you connected the highest Heaven and the deepest Hell.

You do not 'have' or 'control' all the strings, but you are all the strings. Pure Choice is ever-present in Your All-Being.

Such a state type is the most powerful, most efficient I'm aware of in regards to achieving anything.

Healing is very fast and complete. When the Pitch Black energy is recognized, incorporated and allowed to flow unrestricted, blockages are processed near-instantaneously.
The restructuring/rebalance is handled most simply; a question is asked, a decision is made, and the desired reality manifests itself.

"Do you wish to heal this fear?"

The Pitch Black is the backbone of Being.

Healing others from the state of Ultimate Balance:

Take a string or a ray of pure Black. It may be as thin as you want it to be or as it's most easy to imagine, just as long the quality is impeccable Black.

Take this ray and infuse it through the spinal column.
The thinnest ray can pass through without effort. This ray represents the Core of Being.

It is the doorway, the carrier of Self.

All the filth, the dirt, the fear, the imbalance, the outdated structure falls inward to this Black ray and is not; Connection is.

What once was only a thin line in the Core of the backbone, thickens, and is now the whole backbone.

(It is a place to build on and also a place to destroy from.)

The energy that passes through is immense.

The ray, the pillar is now even more thicker, it is one with the whole body - and expands beyond it.

A Pyre of Black Flame.

Separation is gone. Choice is.


This is the reset. You are in the NOW. All choices, all possibilities are yours.

Only Nothing is, and that Nothing is Everything.

How do you balance? How do you manifest? What do you create?

What is beautiful? Which is your 'style'? Who are you?

Choice is, NOW and again, flowing One with whatever 'you' you are.

The world is not exclusive.

You walk on Nothing and you are reaching Everything.

It is also the way to truly Love someone, at level, fully and completely.

The Black allows to Love without need.

Not only admire outwards(/above) or care inwards(/below), but to reach and Establish Unity at all levels of self-structure of who you Love.


You can shine now.

The outlines of separateness are washed away. Each look, each touch, each breath, each heartbeat is One.

Repeat after me:
"I am an avatar of Me!"


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