Several Comments on the Ascension Experience

Ascension. I don't experience it as going away and returning.

I have awareness of certain things, certain things I'm familiar with, I look at some/all as part of myself/Myself, and therefore have 'power with' some things when Myself/Oneness.

My 'process' of becoming Balanced, usually consists of localizing and overcoming any present fears and 'arrive' at a state/place/balance where I can contemplate

When I did enough undoing/unstructuring/unfearing so I can regenerate/realign/retain balance of my base Self, I can extend it to other aspects of my Self.
For example, other people. :o)

At the point of enough clearing/Clarity 'WHO I AM AT THE MOMENT AND WHAT I TRULY WISH TO DO' usually becomes quite clear to me.
My usual, standard perception is the following:
a strong, sharp, powerful thread, a laserbeam of Light (direction upward) cutting through and transmuting everything.

After realigning myself with Light, my perception of mySelf as a (if you think in terms of dimension, multidimensional) STAR resurfaces and is reestablished.


It is important to overstand that in doing so, Duality or the strictness of the Matrix diminishes and becomes loved and balanced/realigned/incorporated, becoming a Loving Tool/Aspect of Self.

So it is quite possible and Present to experience the negative aspects of duality and have the deep feeling of Love, Strenght and Balance - at the same time.

The 3D-ish effects of myself being in a more balanced, Loving state, quite often include the following.

1. Lessened ability to express myself to other persons using language standardly by the norms accepted by general population, due to more 'holographic' thinking processes (eg. direct 'application' of feelings/perceptions/possibilities/probabilities/forms/states of existence),
opposed to strictly linear thoughtstreams.
(Lol, just start yelling at people with incoherent screeches, I bet the
effect will be something quite similar! :o))) )

2. Experiencing the 3D-ish self in a state of flow. Less resistance of surrounding reality.
Instead of perceiving strict physical objects, the accent is more on inter-relations: patterns, energy fields, consciousness/awareness levels, etc.

Have you seen the movie "The Matrix"? The feeling is quite like the special effects in that movie (and similar movies), especially when they move just a slightly bit faster than they are supposed to. As the time difference between desire and realization lessens, interesting things like that speed-up effect can happen.

3. People either fear you more, or they love you more.
Love is powerful. The cause for the first reaction is: powerful is strange or exposing, strange or exposing is unknown, and unknown is to be feared. :o(
Explanation for the second reaction: Unity strenghtens!


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