Spiritual Healing


I address the following major questions on spiritual healing in this article:

- What is spiritual healing?
- What are the tools of spiritual healing?
- Who or what can be healed by spiritual healing?
- What are the basic techniques of spiritual healing?
   1. Get yourself out of the way of spiritual healing
   2. Channel spiritual healing
   3. Active spiritual healing
- A word of warning about active spiritual healing.
- Conclusion about spiritual healing

Let's start with the definition of spiritual healing first.

- What is spiritual healing?

The phrase 'spiritual healing' consists of two words: 'spiritual' and 'healing'.

'Spiritual' is something that is not material.

'Spiritual' refers to energy types less dense than which we experience in our normal, everyday life.

'Healing' is the process of making Whole.

Due to the nature of healing, the most effective healing process is that which encompasses both 'spiritual healing' and 'material healing' - and goes beyond the necessity of making such a distinction.

Now that we are familiar with the terms the phrase 'spiritual healing' consists of, let's see what spiritual healing means as a whole:

Spiritual healing is an aspect of healing which focuses on the spiritual side.

To achieve this goal, spiritual healing employs a variety of spiritual tools.

- What are the tools of spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing employs tools such as healing by energy, healing by emotions, healing by spiritual connection, healing by spiritual ideas and vision - most importantly: Healing by Love.

All previous methods are more or less direct aspects of spiritual healing by Love.

Love is the universal healing tool.

Healing by Love does not fall exclusively under the domain of spiritual healing; material healing can effectively use it as well.

- Who or what can be healed by spiritual healing?

The first and most obvious answer is: yourself.

You, as a human and spiritual entity, can heal yourself by spiritual healing.

Any and all aspects of yourself can be healed by spiritual healing: your body, your soul, your thoughts, your emotions, your visions, all your relations and relationships - all can benefit from spiritual healing.

The second most obvious answer is: other persons.

Other persons can be healed by spiritual healing as well. You can heal them, they can heal you - or they can heal themselves.

The third and less obvious answer is: anything!

Anything can be healed by spiritual healing!

Here are some examples of what you can heal by spiritual healing: living persons, discarnate entities, energy types, souls, subconsciousnesses, animals, plants, physical places, non-physical places, ideas, visions, connections, social structures, relations and relationships, etc.

It is good to remember that anything can be healed by spiritual healing; many times you can solve a problem or heal a disease just as soon you find out what it actually is that needs spiritual healing!

- What are the basic techniques of spiritual healing?

1. Get yourself out of the way of spiritual healing!

The most basic and often very effective spiritual healing technique is:

Get yourself out of the way of spiritual healing!

What does it mean? It means the source of your problems is often 'you'.

You worry, your thoughts are full of fear, your emotions are full of need, your wishes and visions are forced and clouded.

Thus, you block the way for natural healing energies to reach you.

For instant spiritual healing, get yourself out of the way! Let your more balanced unconscious or 'higher Self' solve it, wash away the problems and maintain a state of flowing spiritual Wholeness!

Spiritual healing is all around us!

2. Channel spiritual healing!

Channeling spiritual healing is a refined method of the first technique.

With this spiritual healing technique, you have to pay more attention to clarity and balance; clarity of body, thoughts, feelings, presence, and attitude towards All things.

Even if you have no expertise in other advanced methods of spiritual healing, this clarity allows several things:

- Prevention of imbalance/disease.
- Faster and more powerful spiritual healing within yourself.
- Faster and more powerful spiritual healing in other humans and everything around you.
- Being a conduit for entities with greater expertise/presence in spiritual healing, whether consciously or unconsciously.

3. Active spiritual healing

While the first two spiritual healing techniques relied heavily on the not-conscious aspects of ourselves, to achieve even greater efficiency in spiritual healing, we have to take active role and incorporate our conscious selves into the spiritual healing process.

Clarity and honesty are even more important in active spiritual healing!

With active spiritual healing, our primary spiritual tools are:
• unconditional Love
• decision-making
• rebalancing of self-structure

How do these tools help the active spiritual healing process?

• Unconditional Love helps 'us' become 'them'.

If the problem is within ourselves, unconditional Love helps us achieve greater Unity with our parts which fell out of Balance.

Unconditional Love is the first step of active spiritual healing.

• Decision-making enables us to decide which form of spiritual Health to choose.

Diseased forms are valid forms us well - it is up to us to decide which form of spiritual health to manifest.

Since our goal is spiritual healing, we usually go with the most Wholesome vision we can enable to Flow through ourselves.

• Rebalancing of self-structure is the final step of active spiritual healing.

In the first step of active spiritual healing, unconditional Love empowered us to make a change.

In the second step of active spiritual healing, we observed our choices and decided on manifesting a vision that is highly Wholesome.

Now, in the third step of active spiritual healing we actually manifest that vision!

We balance the things we heal (ourselves)!

We maintain a powerful and clear flow of Unity - a constant presence of spiritual healing!

With balance of self-structure, we have successfully integrated any obstructions to spiritual healing - we are healthy, we are powerful, and we can be truly Ourselves!

- A word of warning about active spiritual healing.

If you are not in the state of utmost openness, candor and clarity - attempting active spiritual healing can be dangerous!

Why? You are exposed to problems, and if you don't have the sincere clarity and the power to absolve them, they can become your own problem and drag down your spiritual healing attempts.

For example, if you try to spiritually heal another person who is diseased, you have to be able to deal with the disease yourself.

If you don't have the spiritual healing ability, the energy conditions of the disease replicate within your energy-field/aura/soul.

Sometimes through this spiritual healing attempt the disease is simply transferred from that person to you.

- Conclusion about spiritual healing

The most important ingredients for spiritual healing are clarity and unconditional Love.

As a spiritual healer, strive for utmost clarity!

Let your light shine on All through unconditional Love!


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