I like technology.

Technology is a peculiar kind of magic.

It relies on concepts such as separateness and objectiveness. For me, the most interesting thing is that it works!

Look at our technological world; there are so many gadgets we take for granted, and there are many more to come.

How have we come so far? It baffles me. If we would go back in time, maybe I would bet that more primary ways of magic would be easier to develop.

The conclusion I draw is that we haven't evolved much as a collective.

It wouldn't hurt to develop collective consciousness as well (opposed to collective unconsciousness).

The path of technology uses discoveries and inventions.

It is a way for ideas to survive, and it takes only a relatively small number of people to make them reality.

But, because it takes only a relatively few people, we get the infamous race against time: will our ability to responsibly handle technology advance faster than technology itself?

I would like to say "So far, so good.", but simple survival just doesn't cut it.

Does our use of technology expand our minds or encloses it? Does it contribute to balance? How does it contribute and how does it not?

I would like to see technology complemented by the use of other forms of magic in our lives!


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