The Abyss Experience


WARNING! You might not want to read this.


Love is something which says "You too are me!"
Fear is something which says "You are not me!"

LOVE says all; all that Love itself says and all that fear says. LOVE is all, Oneness without duality.

You know it's possible to be a lot of things at once. From a state of some degree of fear (when you are fewer things at once) it's possible to get to a 'greater/higher' state of being (when you are more things at once).

Instead of being more Loving, you true Self, this process I'm discussing now is where you go 'downward' instead. You take the parts of yourself, and one by one you say to them "I don't Love you! You are not me!"

The consciousness shrinks and even more seized by fear, panic and ill-being, the feeling of being lost. Within a few seconds nausea takes hold of you. The cells of your body and its even tinier parts lose their accord with the greater self, and then break into even smaller parts which also lose accord.

If you get stuck in fear, you die and the continuum of your souls breaks apart. Every part breaks apart into even tinier and tinier pieces but neither of those parts is you. The world - is not. Not only that it doesn't exist, but infinitely broken apart it's lost in the nothingness which doesn't exist. Who you are - is not. Who observes who you are - is not. Who observes who observes who you are - is not. And so on, ad infinitum. The one who thinks "I'm not!" - is not. And deeper and deeper and deeper.

You see the world and it's not. You see yourself and it's completely foreign, whoever you were, whatever you did, whoever/whatever you Loved, completely alien.

I already talked about what it feels like to be a Sun; well, it feels like this to be a black hole: all that you are, you are not.

Implosion; the opposite of explosion.

It's like playing power-games, not with others but within you and within you and within you...... Everything breaks apart, everything infinitely dies because of lack of Love.

The bad news is if you want to go this way is that no one can help you because you necessarily reject any help. The good news is you can go this way only completely voluntarily, no one can force you (at least not ad infinitum). So if you say the Abyss experience/non-state is nonsense then it is nonsense and that's how it is.

Another good news is, this also is just a fear, it's possible to connect yourself from the 'other side' (other way around), from the other side of infinitely fractioned being. To overcome this fear you have to understand this:

"It's ok to not be any of me!"


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