The Final Answer


There is no final answer; the finality of any answer is determined by you.

What does that mean?

You are the most important part of the equation:

Questions cannot be viewed separately from the one who asks them, and answers cannot be viewed separately from the one who gave them.

You are the beautiful a/symmetry between the void of infinite questions and the totality of infinite answers.

The Background which is Consciousness allows many forms; many possibilities, many realities.

A balance is created; incoming questions - outgoing answers.

Questions come and go.
Answers come and go.

It is the Flow.

Who you are is created by the way you Balance.

Anything resembling a final answer to all questions of the universe is either a very good question, or an answer which throws reasoning and understanding out-of-whack.

(These kinds of questions/answers are known as 'koans'.)

Ask a question:
The universe points back at you!


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