Finite consciousness must employ trust to maintain existence.

At the point when understanding terminates, all that is left is a line of Love:


Trust in Self. Trust in All. Trust in Love.

Finite consciousness either becomes infinite (and loses form) or trusts that which is not currently itself (and maintains form).

If it chooses neither, it is not existent anymore.

Why is this important?

We, in our human lives, are good examples of finite consciousness.

To maintain my existence, I have to trust:

I have to trust my 'previous' selves, trust that they made good decisions/choices. (The 'previous' selves are the self I was in each previous moment before this one.)

I have to trust each cell in my body.

I have trust my surroundings - all of Earth.

I have to trust energy/motion that enters my consciousness.

I have to trust my self, trust that I make the choices I want to to the best of my abilities (and beyond).

Love is the way consciousness maintains Oneness.
Trust is the way consciousness maintains beautiful diversity.

When understanding is not useful anymore, let trust reveal you Love.