What Is Responsibility?


Responsibility is to do what you want.

(Take a closer look at the definition; it's simple, but not simplistic.)

We humans have two problems concerning responsibility:

1. We don't know who we are.

2. We don't know what we want.

We like to perceive ourselves (and the world) as separate individuals, immovable in our staticness. We nonchalantly dismiss the antithesis of this view, namely that we are unified dividuals, dancing in dynamis.

We conveniently divide up the world to pieces, and instead of the flow on Oneness we get ownership: mine - not mine, my responsibility - not my responsibility.

We try to find ourselves and make our grand decisions, but we desperately cling to our idea of individuality.

Our will collides with itself, within and without.

Responsibility becomes a mythical thing.

We believe in right and wrong, and yet when we do the wrong thing, we expect someone with greater responsibility to clean it up.

It doesn't happen.

The situation sticks, as that is what our broken will has chosen.

Trust. Love. Find/create who you are. Do what you want.

Choose anew!

Let your responsibility flow clearly; it's simple.


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