Awareness, Consciousness, Intelligence


Let's consider these words: awareness, consciousness, and intelligence.

They all refer to the same thing, yet their deficiencies emphasize different aspects.

The meaning they try to cover is beyond the structures and usefulness of language. So, as with a diamond, we can admire them and identify them by their imperfections.

The word 'awareness' places focus on the external aspect.

The one who is aware places itself into a position/attitude of acceptance, and exchanges flow with outside that self.

The word 'consciousness' places focus on the internal aspect.

I am, I exist - these are the things consciousness implies. It asserts existence, and internal flow and structure as opposed to what is out of focus.

The word 'intelligence' places focus on the movement.

An ability to solve problems, to overcome obstacles, to fuse and separate things. A flow. Intelligence is dynamic, and is least attached to the concept of identity of the three.

Within this context, you may consider these aspects to be the holy trinity.

When invoking any of the three, remember the contrast that makes them visible.

Zen rulez - if you wish to go deeper, swipe the terms away.


Aeria Gloris / Ghost and Shell / Awareness, Consciousness, Intelligence