Cyberbrain Sclerosis


Cyberbrain sclerosis is a disease in the "Ghost in the Shell" universe:

In some cases, the cyberbrain implants cause a progressive hardening of brain tissue, eventually resulting in the cyberbrain user's death.

Cyberbrain sclerosis is a representative disease; it is used to highlight the many incompatibilities between the human ghost/shell pair and hard metal.

Cyborgization is a primitive and pretty much non-existent branch of science. Even in its most advanced form, it will still be primitive.

However, it could be a stepping stone to something else. To what? Who knows.

Considering the increased power-levels and speed-up of human existence, if we proceed in this direction, the life of tomorrow will be many times more stressful than it is today.

Even today, we have increased difficulties keeping our ghosts and shells in healthy shapes. Sidestepping the massive psychological barriers through cyberbrain technology would in most cases increase the strain.

The cancers and AIDSes of today already exhibit self-destructing, self-devouring, and self-rejecting tendencies. Multiply it with biological and psychological incompatibilities, and the result is a deadly disease, a cyberbrain sclerosis of tomorrow.

Would we use such a technology to encase ourselves in a further barrier? Or would we use it to learn more about balance?

One thing is sure: the medical industries of tomorrow won't have to put much effort into inventing new diseases/cures to patch and market.


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