Discrete Continuity


I can't imagine finiteness; there's always something beyond what I envision as finite. I can't imagine infinity either; what I envision is never enough to qualify for it.

However, I can imagine finity and infinity together - I can derive one from the other.

The question of discreteness and continuity is similar:

I can imagine discrete steps if they emerge from a continuous whole. I can imagine a continuous whole if it is formed by discrete steps.

I can't imagine one without the other; they form concentric circles/spirals of definition.

These abstract and extreme tools of unreality are which we measure reality (and ourselves) by.

Is the universe deterministic? Yeah, but... Is the universe non-deterministic? Yeah, but...

True artificial intelligence would need both the discrete component (body; deterministic aspect made out of steps) and the continuous component (soul; non-deterministic aspect of continuity).

Identity is formed by the successful integration of both these aspects.

Pursuing and developing only the deterministic aspect can be imagined to result in 'true AI' (a self-conscious being) only as a bug; by accident.

True artificial intelligence requires 'discrete continuity' - 'continuous discreteness'.

The axiom is: 'paradox'.


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