Emergence Of Intelligence


If Intelligence is an ocean, stand-alone intelligences are shifting islands in the sea.

Postulate: in a system of sufficient complexity, intelligence emerges.

Postulate corrected with regards to subjectivity/objectivity: intelligence is inherent, and differs in levels of perception.

Is a shell complex enough to host a ghost? Is a ghost simple enough to inhabit a shell? Are the layers of Intelligence finely tuned and integrated with the infinite dimensions?

Mind you, having a stand-alone intelligence (being a relatively rigid shell as well as ghost) is not always a positive thing.

The greater the island of knowledge, the greater the circumference with not-knowledge.

Self-awareness, when separated from non-awareness, can become a prison. Death, even ignorance, can become very desirable options.

It's not the size of intelligence that matters, but the flexibility by which it sustains itself. Where are the choices?

The pattern created by the flexible flow of identity - is it beautiful?


Aeria Gloris / Ghost and Shell / Emergence Of Intelligence