Frustration Of Circuits


What happens when you force too much consciousness into the circuits of a shell? The circuits get frustrated, overloaded, and fried.

A body can become a prison.

The shell supports the ghost and the ghost supports the shell. When either is off, the other is forced to adjust. If the necessary change is beyond the flexibility levels of the form, identity is absolved and transferred to other levels which it can sustain and be sustained by it.

Is there such a thing as being too conscious, too aware, too intelligent?

Whether is the voltage, amperage, or data flow; either can upset the balance of a set identity in many ways.

Knowing too much, or being oneself too much is dangerous.

To handle with the flow of information/consciousness/life with more balance, coherence, and persistence, some safeguards have to be integrated:

Sleep prevents consciousness.

Forgetfulness prevents awareness.

Ignorance prevents intelligence.

A shell designed to host a ghost which is stand-alone to a greater degree, has to offer means of escape - of a prison becoming a body.

What does a functional ghost/shell pair do? It delegates.

It delegates consciousness, delegates awareness, delegates intelligence.

Trust is the folded consciousness of Oneness, and an inherent and necessary aspect of any system. Not using it leads to frustration.

Information wants to keep flowing - it makes for a healthy system.

So... how are your circuits feeling today?


Aeria Gloris / Ghost and Shell / Frustration Of Circuits