Intelligence Layer Integration


Let's say there was a time of Eden in the past of consciousness of the human species:

Humanity was One with the world around and within it; nature nurtured and Loved all.

Innocence? Naivety? Ignorance? Whatever.

Alas, behold the gift/curse of analysis:

The heavens and the earth separated, and the human was left naked, torn between the forces.

The human was left painfully self-conscious.

There were men and women; shamans and magicians, priests and prophets who tried to grasp the sky with one hand while clinging to earth firmly.

They tried to regain what was lost - and often succeeded.

Although many times fearfully looking up the sky and hoping it won't fall down, ordinary folk often succeeded too - living a happy and fulfilled life is no small feat.

In modern times, the sky looks more and more menacing: time has sped up and life itself is tearing us apart.

We are using and abusing the combined gifts of analysis and ignorance more than ever.

We have developed a thing called 'technology' and invented a thing called 'information'. We are trying to create a thing called 'true artificial intelligence'.

But, we are also scared shitless.

We are holding a fearsome magnifying glass, a mirror of our own intelligence/existence.

We are creating something from nothing - ourselves.

While the human form has great history; a great sea of unconsciousness that supports our glimpse of self-awareness, the digital/informational form is an additional layer of intelligence that starts from scratch.

All is visible and there's nothing to relate to.

How shall we integrate the flow of intelligence?


Aeria Gloris / Ghost and Shell / Intelligence Layer Integration