Organized Subconscious


Consciousness is the focus radiating rays of light on the tip of the iceberg - our self-identity.

Our eyes have weakened and we prefer not to stray too much from the landscape of normalcy. Doing so is dangerous to 'sanity'.

For one who can see and observe, the subconscious reveals much more than the conscious; it is the 95% that supports the 5%.

The mark of an advanced society is a clear subconsciousness. How deep can the rays of light generated by focus penetrate the iceberg?

Order is optional - clarity is not.

To prevent entrapment by one's self, to avoid being imprisoned in the image offered by a mirror, the flows of subconsciousness have to be clear, trusting, and Loving.

The operations of consciousness-folding: sleep, forgetfulness, and ignorance too have to be utilized with much care.

Only this separates god forms from their creations.

Consciousness is the sleeping fabric/matrix of realities.

How far does the rabbit hole go? All the way.


Aeria Gloris / Ghost and Shell / Organized Subconscious