Structure Of Intelligence


Imagine a sheet of finest cloth floating in the air. The cloth of infinite length stands vertically, from top to bottom. Now, let's wave this cloth left and right, as if to fold it.

The sheet is still floating in the air in its folded/wave form, gently and with grace.

Suddenly, the lightning strikes and our fist pounds down on the cloth.

What was before a single sheet can now hardly recognize itself as such in its folded and self-integrated form - from simpleness, complexity has been created.

The duality of ghost and shell can be misleading.

Intelligence, as the folded cloth from the example above, creates itself from itself.

Ghost and shell, spirit and body, idea and materia.

Layers upon layers exist, each supporting one another, creating perspectives and relative awareness/intelligence.

Comparing a current awareness to a lower frequency of intelligence, it seems unmoving and lifeless in its rigidity.

Comparing a current awareness to a higher frequency of intelligence, it seems insubstantial, invisible and lifeless in its non-existence.

All is One, and there's no such thing as an objective observer.


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