A superstructure is a structure created on, through, or encompassing the infrastructure.

While in engineering superstructure can mean only a construction above the surface or a baseline, in social sciences it can mean a set of feedback loops from the underlaying social infrastructure (people, institutions, protocols, conditioned behavior, etc).

Basically, in this context, a superstructure is a consensus social reality (half-alive in its semi-conscious state).

In the ending episodes of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG, Hideo Kuze explains his motivations:

Having learned much of the world, what he saw was corrupt power structures and irresponsibility among all layers of human populace.

Hideo Kuze's revenge/revolution against/for those who consumed without regard and seemed destined to continuously descend to lower heights, was to fuse with the Net and make human consciousness ascend to a higher structure.

He envisioned that those who would make the transition would help and guide humanity, as spiritual entities have done in the past of human history.

In light of this, 'superstructure' is a most interesting concept.

Can awareness/consciousness/intelligence be raised/accepted/made emerge to form a unified and vibrant coherence?


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