Technopeasantry And Infopeasantry


'Technopeasantry' is a term coined by Frank Herbert.

Today's society is predominantly consumerist. The problem is not having an affection for new gadgets; the problem is excessive external reinforcement of self-identity through 'owned' objects. When shopping is the most widespread stress-management and meditation technique, you know you have a problem.

The common way of approaching various difficulties is: "Pound the nail with the new, shiny hammer."

A technopeasant places greater significance on the awareness of technologies: "Is this the right tool to use in this situation? What are the implications and side-effects of using this technology? Does it help the goal I truly wish to achieve?"

As technology speeds up and develops to an even greater degree, only the technopeasant can avoid the hole the consumer digs for him/herself.

In the Ghost in the Shell universe, the concept of technopeasantry evolves to the next level: it becomes 'infopeasantry'. Whereas technopeasantry is a contrasted by consumers, infopeasantry can be contrasted by gossipers.

(A popular term today encompassing both consumers and gossipers is 'sheeple'.)

An infopeasant asks these questions: "Is this the right information to employ in this context? What trust does it imply? How does the use of information modify the context?"

A modern day peasant is a pragmatist: extend your awareness and draw back simplified conclusions - then apply it.


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