Global Village Overview


The processes of industrialization and globalization had numerous interesting effects on the psyche of the individual and on human society as a whole.

With the advance of telecommunication technologies the gap which separates people is reduced, many times to uncomfortable levels.

The advance of technology in general has the effect of 'speeding up time'; adjustments to navigating the socio-psycho-technological environments have to be made much more rapidly.

From the standpoint of a single individual it's not too hard to come up to the following observation: Space and time are shrinking!

As these changes are well underway, people have to adapt. So far, the adaptation has been mostly implemented on the basic, instinctual, subconscious, I-have-to-survive level.

It is most unfortunate that the technological progress has not been accompanied by a social spiritual progress as well: We have tools, we have weapons, but our decision-making processes on using these are still severely impaired by lack of vision and self-integrity.

As it stands, technological progress and social manipulation rule the day.

Once upon a time, the world was open and wide, with mysteries just beyond our reach.

Now, the world is close up and fast. The mysteries have arrived - and we don't know what do to with them.

Welcome to the Global Village!


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