The Structure Of The Global Village


It can take a lot of time to trace all the parts which make up the global village, and it can take even more time to observe all the layers and aspects of how these fit together to form a semi-coherent whole.

(I believe it is also essential to collective and individual well-being to do so, regardless of how much time or effort it may take.)

Here's a simplified view. The socio-physical space of the global village consists of:

1. Humans
2. Ideas and abstractions of humans
3. Products of ideas and abstractions of humans

Perhaps counterintuitively, in the society of today the true nature of humans is least visible, while their abstractions and produced objects are more visible.

For consciousness to exists, it has to be able to step outside of itself and look from other perspectives, thus it is not strange that abstractions are a friendly ground for the thinking human.

However, the problem we face today is the externalization of identity, where we look only to the objects we created and the reality they represent, and get stuck in a very narrow band of perspectives.

The industries and the global economy in a truly free market would function as an efficient reflection of human desires, and through these global processes we could find out more about ourselves.

But, the human habit of feeding egos beyond proportion provides us with a muddy image instead of a clear vision. The global village is also a place of unrestricted warfare, where various forces continuously vie for supremacy.

For a human individual to get a wholesome picture of the structure of the global village, one must put oneself in the fulcrum:

You stand at the center of human society. Everything around you, and also within yourself, is influenced by it. Observe every physical object, common word, thought or abstraction around you, and try to see the complex processes that created or keep creating them.

Observe yourself, your relations to everything, and extrapolate from there.

To get a feel of the pulse of today's global village, it would not be incorrect to see it as a living, breathing entity which is beautiful at times - but suffers from a severe mental disorder.


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