Future Shock


Many changes in life we expect, anticipate, or even look forward to. By these anticipated changes in the future and with knowledge of our past, we develop the identities of ourselves through the temporal spectrum and stand firmly in the now.

If an unexpected change happens, we adjust ourselves, modify our future expectations and move on.

However, expectations are a tricky things. If more change happens than we can adjust to, future shock sets in.

The simplest example of future shock is the psychological shock of a single traumatic event, for example a car accident resulting in bodily injury. Most of us are used to our physical bodies just as they are, and expect them to function just as well as they have throughout our lives.

In a split second that may change, and the change can be overwhelming. Something is not right, we don't know exactly what, but it feels very-very not right. It's as if the universe personified attacks us, takes the ground from under our feet and makes us question our very existence - and then takes away the ability to question as we are used to.

It is very alarming - this moment in space-time is not the same moment in space-time it was just now.

The phrase 'future shock' more specifically refers to a continuous shock we may feel because of rapid technological advancement and social change.

Being always a step behind the universe is very tiring, and slowly erodes the power and self-confidence of the individual. At the extreme, future shock may reduce the person to the status of an observer in life - a glassy look in her eye, and a single thought: "This life is not for me."

The level of change in the global village and its impact on its individual habitants is unavoidable. The multiverse keeps moving on; change is all there is.

What we can influence is our personal attitude towards change.

Expectations are usually mingled with fear and the need for stability. Such expectations are limits we impose on ourselves, and due to these limits our response to change is inadequate. Fear makes us sluggish and subservient - safety is an illusion.

There can be no future shock when there are no fear-tainted expectations. By using the attitude of clarity, the world is created anew every moment - with our active participation!

Future shock is cured by letting go and embracing change.


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