The Power Of The Social Individual


The power of the social individual is great. The secret is to know when to go with the crowd and when to lead it.

Other people influence the most how we see the world and how we lead our lives. Humans don't live in vacuum; we create overlays of social realities.

As the world of the global village grows closer, social density increases. The psychological pressure of others people's thoughts on our awareness and way of thinking becomes greater, and we have to learn to integrate such pressure into our selves.

If on average we are six degrees of separation apart from each other, it pretty much means that all the psychological pressure of the world (the collective consciousness of humanity) is banging on our individual heads.

However, it also means that the individual is always at the center of the social network, and creates the human world from there.

The average person fights for the attention and acceptance of his social environment, yet at the same tries to exert his ego as superior over the same social environment.

This creates an unhealthy dichotomy which causes confusion about oneself and one's balance with the world.

As the psychological pressure in the global village increases, individuals will be forced to not see themselves not only as beings isolated from one another, but also as currents in the great ocean of mostly human awareness. Those who persist in their view of isolation risk great psychological damage.

(Once the necessity of such a shift in perspective becomes evident, the next hurdle is how to maintain integrity in such a shifting world.)

Those who learn to truly relate to one another are rewarded with undefeatable inner strength. In turn, this inner strength becomes the outer strength of the expanded individual - the community.


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