The Reflexivity Of The Global Village


The global village is reflexive in the sense that it acts upon itself, and also in the sense that it responds fast (usually with global consequences).

If we view the global village a network of human individuals, constantly forming smaller and greater networks within itself, we can observe certain properties of such a network.

The flow of the network (the continuous change it goes through) follows the path of least resistance, and may establish more stable pathways at various energy levels. Think of an electron in an atom, or a river that finds a new riverbed.

The global village is also self-correcting to a degree: to remain at a relatively stable level, a discrepancy is clobbered to fit the general consensus of the part of the network it appeared it.

If a discrepancy is clear, coherent and/or efficient to withstand the clobbering of the collective, it gets integrated and the flow of the network is dislodged to find a more efficient pathway.

The collective consciousness governing the global village exhibits many traits of a living being.

If we, as human individuals, don't expand our awareness, identity and sense of responsibility to the level where we are alive as a collective, the collective consciousness will remain - unconscious.

And that is not very good. The current consciousness of the global village is very short-sighted and is riddled with crippling diseases such as the ones equivalent in function to cancer and AIDS.

Due to short-sightedness, we see only the little obstacles under our noses and not the big ones that we create due to our behavior that will manifest a little farther away. We pretend that they don't exist or that they'll never arrive.

We simply ignore the consequences of our actions.

The global village is reflexive. Sooner or later it will be evident that it is our irresponsible behavior which has to be clobbered, whether we survive it or not.


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