Fear Based Equilibrium


If we look at the processes that make up the global village, we can see that almost everything is heavily influenced by fear.

There are several ways fear can influence a process: fear may be involved in the process itself, fear may be present in the purpose of the process, or fear may enter the process and hijack it if the structure of the process isn't clear and coherent enough to withstand such diversion.

Since there is so much fear everywhere, we can say that the global village today is a fear based equilibrium.

As the processes involved in the global village can be traced, studied, observed, extrapolated, analyzed, deduced and finally integrated to form a whole that oneself can relate to, so can the influence of fear managed similarly.

We can observe the influx, the outflux, the quantity and quality of fear involved in all the processes, and create a composite mental image of this fear based equilibrium.

If we observe the image of this fear based equilibrium, we can see it has a conscious and an unconscious component to it. The unconscious component is by far larger. The relatively small conscious component includes the study of fear by humans, either for purposes of healing or exploitation.

This exploitation process is very interesting. Amidst all this confusion and unconsciousness, there's almost a feel of surgical precision to it.

On one hand, it enhances fear and makes it more powerful, shortening the decay period until the underlying structure cannot take anymore and collapses.

One the other hand, it means that at least there is a conscious component to it, and hopefully the collective study of how to exploit the same collective (there isn't anyone here but us!) will result in immunization, the creation of clearer structures and doing away with the wasteful overhead.

By contrasting the image of the global village as a whole with the image of the equilibrium of fear it is sullied by, we can gain very clear vision and many useful perspectives on this topic.

For additional contrast and clarity, we can consider the zen-like feeling of oneness with nature, a greater image within which the global village is situated and is part of - and continually desecrates.

Mastering these three approaches gives us a greater ability to discern what works and what doesn't, what is Love and what isn't.

Greater clarity lends greater strength to our decisions.


Aeria Gloris / Global Village / Fear Based Equilibrium