Short History Of The Global Village


Since the advent of so-called 'civilization', for most of humanity the name of the game has been "All your base are belong to us!". What changed most through time are the concepts of 'we', 'you' and 'base'. The concept of 'belonging' also varied some, while the concept of 'being' relatively stayed put.

Back when we lived in tribes, we were directly exposed to the harshness of nature - it was 'us' versus 'it'.

However, the one thing that was always more fearsome than nature were other humans - or simply, 'them'. The most terrible of enemies were frequently our closest friends; we knew who we are by knowing who we are not.

Fortunately, through history there was one thing always in relative abundance - physical space. We could afford to play our games of identity because of the physical distances imposed on us.

From tribes to countries to corporations, our identities are getting squished by the lack of distance. We no longer have the luxury of simplistically identifying 'us' in contrast to 'them'.

Greater strain calls for a greater need to balance. Billions of voices are continuously crying out and are continuously silenced.

Through interconnectedness, the power of the Flow moves more strongly through every human individual. When the current is great, our intrapersonal as well as interpersonal structures have to be crafted with great beauty and balance.

The concepts of 'I' and 'us' have to be carefully refined; if they are not, you either burn up or sink into oblivion. Dumping our problems on 'them' is not a solution, as 'them' is a significant subset of 'us'.

The question is: how do we, as social human beings, manifest our Balance?


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