Protocol And Perspective


An individual experiences the world through the use of various perspectives. These perspectives may differ wildly from one person to another, and usually this difference makes it hard to relate to one another.

For a society to function, these differences have to be ironed out to some degree. Usually a dominant perspective takes over, establishes itself as a basis for normality (or even objectivity) and other individual perspectives are compared to it regularly.

This dominant perspective becomes protocol, a semi-artificial way by which society transcends some distances between the individuals within, but also establishes other boundaries.

A visible part of protocol is language, but it doesn't stop there. Behavioral, emotional and mental patterns also become part of protocol.

The danger for the individual in the global village is that the pressure of normality becomes greater, harder to escape or overcome.

As the global village becomes more unified, the cultural heritage of nations along with its various patterns becomes meshed into the dominant protocol.

For society as whole, this process may pose a danger. All perspectives (even wide ranging dominant protocols) have blind spots and deficiencies. Being unable to escape the dominant protocol of the global village (or even suppose something else could exist) subconsciously welds the society to that perspective and its respective blind spots.

When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. This is a dangerous situation for a society to be in.

If mental, emotional and behavioral diversity is reduced, flexibility is reduced, and if we won't bend under pressure we will break.

In the global village it is the task of the individual to maintain diversity of perspectives at all costs. Tolerance and Love are of utmost importance.


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