The binary / I Ching depiction represents a fully orthogonal system.

Imagine a fully symmetrical binary tree where all movement happens at right angles, or better yet, a point which is the intersection of an arbitrary number of lines, all perpendicular to each other.

Each digit we add or subtract is one line; an opposing/complementing pair of directions/aspects.

All movement happens at right angles, without deviation.

This structure maps out a clean n-dimensional space; creates space so to say.

To create something from the symmetry of nothing/everything, we do so through anti-symmetry.

This situation is not unlike in 3d graphics programs, where the nothingness of the three dimensional coordinate system is filled with the illusionary anti-symmetry of polygons to create boundaries - and thus, form.

Circles are enclosures. In the line of polygons, the triangle is the first circle.

With establishing a relation between three points of the orthogonal system, we create angles.

We create 'something', a form, at a cost of distortion relative to the original system.

Self-awareness as we know it is born somewhere around here: the angles of the infinities of perceiving One set a dynamic in motion.