The Requirements For Becoming Psychic


The basic requirement for becoming a psychic is very simple: you have to have the will and desire to be one.

Once you have the will and desire, you only have to follow it through.

The requirements for becoming psychic are simple. However, they are also very complex; you have to take on everything you thought you knew about the world and be prepared to toss it all out at any moment.

You will have to pay a lot of attention to yourself, and apply what you have found to the outside world. This is true in the reverse as well: you will have to pay a lot of attention to the outside world and apply what you have found to within yourself.

On your journey you might find that psychic abilities are interconnected with personality traits such as:

- the ability to Love
- an attitude of openness
- self-confidence
- inner strength
- decisiveness
- self-discipline
- appreciation for beauty in all forms

In my view, these traits are worth aspiring to. Regardless the level of success you will have with your pursuit of psychic abilities, these personality traits will make you more powerful in all other avenues of life as well.

To reiterate, if you start consciously developing these traits - none of that time will be wasted.

You can draw your knowledge from many-many sources: psychology, physics, mathematics, esoteric disciplines, social interaction, personal experience, etc. Whatever the source, chances are that through your interaction with that source you will be rewarded with a gem of knowledge which you will be able to successfully use in a variety situations and contexts. Don't throw such gems away.

Unfortunately, you will find even more ballast that only drags you down.

Thus, one of the most essential requirements for becoming psychic is the continuous honing of the ability of discernment.

Keep it sharp!


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