Psychic Abilities: Talent or Skill?


To the casual observer it seems that some people are more talented than others.

This seems unfair; some people have it 'by luck':

Externally, they may be born into positions of wealth, status or simply a Loving family. Internally, they may exceptionally talented at something.

I don't subscribe to this view.

On the core level, the universe is a universe of unlimited possibilities. Everything is possible.

We create our selves, our realities by imposing form on this limitless state.

Forms may or may not be restriction, but many of our problems are created because we perceive them as such.

In many cases, a talent or skill is manifested when we simply remove the restrictions we have imposed on ourselves.

It is called 'talent' if the restrictions were never introduced or removed at birth by our currently unconscious aspects of self.

It is called 'skill' if the restrictions are removed gradually and consciously through our waking lives.

If 'time' is NOW, the distinction is not important:

Who do you wish to be?
Who are you, NOW?


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