The Associative View


The associative (or relational) view is pretty much the most primal of psychic views.

What is the associative view?

This view relies on the ability to make connections between different things. This ability allows to create, form, and reshape according to one's wishes.

The associative view successfully uses synesthesia to create connections where there are none currently recognized.

The associative view can be used to different degrees:

This view can be used fully. In this case, this view is so powerful that even the view of the flow can be constructed from it. (It is done by adding the concept of time, and reducing/enhancing 'things' to dynamic associations/relations themselves.)

This view can be used partially. For example, if we consider the vast input from our surroundings and our lifelong experience of dealing with ourselves and fellow humans; and then synesthetically combine all this knowledge with colors - we create a form of auric sight.

The associative view draws its power from the identity it is fused together with.

The symbolism of the inner workings of our minds, the symbolism/illusion of physical bodies and physical reality, and all the symbolism between and beyond - all is a question of how aware do we want to be in defining ourselves.

If you break apart your identity and the symbolism it consists of, what is left? More symbols, more views, more relations - more everything/nothing.

By using the associative view more fully, you can convert yourself to being a beam of light (as thick as you please), or you can convert parts of yourself to being a powerful 'laser cannon', able to illuminate/incinerate/quench anything in its path.

If the associative view is used at a distance from personal self-identity, an external structure has to take the place of the inner symbolism. This way, it has the ability to interface with other psychic views (and essentially, to create layers of consciousness).

(Western systems of magic tend to use too much distance, thus resulting in the self-identity being lost within the external structure/symbolism.)

In conclusion, a final piece of advice if you intend to use the associative view to a greater degree: don't identify yourself with fear, because you will burn yourself.


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