Attributes of God


There are many attributes commonly attributed to God. I repeated the word 'attribute' for a reason: some qualities of God are tautologies or expressions of a basic state of reality, but most of these qualities are attributed to God by humans. (We can comprehend only a tiny part of God and see him through distorted vision.)

Let's look at some of the more common attributes of God along with a brief overview:

  • Loving - Yes, God is indeed Loving and his Love is unconditional and complete.
  • Trusting - Yes, God expresses complete trust in the world he created.
  • Infinite - Infinity is meaningless for God, but from our perspective God is infinite.
  • All powerful - God's power is immeasurable.
  • Omnipresent - Not only is God everywhere, he IS everything and everyone.
  • Just - Not really. God is in the business of divine balance, not human justice.
  • Merciful - Yes, but also merciless - these are human concepts.
  • Eternal - Yes, from our perspective. Eternity is being infinite in time.
  • Good - Is God's Love good or evil? Decide for yourself how you wish to see it.

As you see, some of our concepts and views are more or less compatible with the idea of God, and some apply only to a limited, anthropomorphized vision of God. If it helps in relating to God to see him as human, then it is not always a bad thing, just make sure you work on opening your mind and not closing it.

Feel free to think of other attributes of God and contemplate in which way they truly apply to the relationship between you and God.


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